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The Nation’s First Astigmatism-Correcting Permanent Contact Lens Procedure

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Michigan Nurse, Mother of Three Travels to San Antonio to Undergo the Nation’s First Astigmatism-Correcting Permanent Contact Lens Procedure

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San Antonio, TX –As a nurse, volleyball coach and mother of three young children, Michigan native Hope Hoezee is often on the go. “Our family is very active, and glasses and contacts are simply a nuisance,” Hope said. “I’ve been waiting for this particular technology to become available, and now that it is, I’m ready for my new vision.” 

The technology Hope references is the Visian Toric ICL, a permanent contact lens that is placed just beneath the surface of the eye by a surgeon, with the goal of providing improved vision and freedom from corrective eyewear. Parkhurst NuVision, a San Antonio, Texas-based vision correction facility, was chosen for the highly anticipated national launch of the Visian Toric ICL, which treats nearsightedness and astigmatism. On Monday, October 22, Dr. Greg Parkhurst was the first surgeon in the nation to perform the Visian Toric ICL.

“So many people have heard of LASIK, but many don’t know the Visian technology exists. It is another great option for those who are severely nearsighted, who may not be LASIK candidates, and now, even for those with astigmatism,” Parkhurst said. Visian is similar to LASIK because is a permanent solution for vision correction. The difference is the way vision is corrected. During LASIK, the surface of the eye, the cornea, is changed with a laser to improve the patient’s vision. In contrast, Visian is a permanent contact lens that is made of a collagen co-polymer, similar to collagen found in the body, so it is biocompatible.  The Visian lens is placed beneath the cornea to achieve vision correction. 

Hope has been waiting years for the Visian Toric ICL to become available in the US. When she learned Dr. Parkhurst would be launching the technology in his center, she and her husband booked their plane tickets. “Dr. Parkhurst is one of the foremost Visian experts in the country. It was a no-brainer to fly here for this life-changing procedure.”

Hope is one of millions of patients who can benefit from the Visian Toric ICL technology. “The EVO ICL has been an incredible piece of tech for vision correction. In fact, it’s the procedure I performed for my wife several years ago,” Parkhurst said. “Now with the Toric version, we can correct astigmatism as well. Patients across the country will benefit from this, and we’re honored to launch it right here in San Antonio.”

Gregory Parkhurst, MD, FACS, is considered one of the nation’s leading experts in EVO ICL permanent contact lens technology. Surgeons have travelled to San Antonio from countries in Europe, Asia and South America to learn from Dr. Parkhurst regarding techniques for optimal ICL sizing and best vision results. He is one of 5 surgeons in all of North America to have been inducted into the EVO ICL Master’s Club. Click here  for more info on the Visian Toric ICL.


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