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Dr. Thomas Nettleton

Dr. Thomas Nettleton

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Dr. Thomas Nettleton is a doctor of optometry and glaucoma specialist who specializes in peri-operative care. He primarily focuses on laser-assisted cataract surgery and refractive surgery but was also trained in ocular disease during his residency at the Eye Center of Texas in Houston, TX. He has contributed to the training of both optometry students and residents at both The Eye Center of Texas and here and Parkhurst NuVision.


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An Open Letter to My Patients

My mom enjoys playing piano but was starting to have issues reading her music. Driving at night was also becoming more difficult. These types of symptoms are classic problems caused by cataracts. My mom had cataract surgery at Parkhurst NuVision while she was visiting from South Dakota. She chose to get the trifocal lens because she wanted to be free from glasses as much as possible. She was seeing well the day after cataract surgery and she is now able to drive at night, play piano, and read to her granddaughters, all without glasses!

I enjoy coming to work every day to help as many people as possible achieve their best vision just like we did with my mom.

Best regards,

Dr. Thomas Nettleton

Education & Experience

Dr. Nettleton graduated magna cum laude from both South Dakota State University and the University of Houston College of Optometry. He completed a residency in refractive surgery and ocular disease at Houston’s prestigious Eye Center of Texas.

Dr. Nettleton has participated in various community service projects and particularly enjoyed performing vision screenings at The Special Olympics and assisting on a medical mission trip in Guerrero, Mexico. Although he is originally from the great state of South Dakota he is happy to be a new resident of San Antonio and does not miss shoveling snow.

Honors & Distinctions

  • Eye Center of Texas Refractive Surgery and Ocular Disease Residency
  • Raymund G. Murphy VA Medical Center, Optometric Clinical Externship – Ocular pathology and primary care
  • The University Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Center Clinical Rotation – Specialty dry eye diagnosis and treatment

  • NEI Summer Researcher at the University of Houston College of Optometry
  • Beta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor Society
  • Clinical Letters of Excellence


  • Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of the Keratoconic Patient – CE presentation to optometrists in Nacodoches, TX
  • Updates in Cataract Surgery Technology for Patients with Irregular Corneas – CE presentation to Optometrists in San Antonio, TX
  • Istent Inject in Conjunction with Cataract Surgery for Treatment of Glaucoma – CE presentation to ODs in San Antonio, TX
  • Triaging Ocular Emergencies in the new Covid Environment – CE presentation to ODs in San Antonio, TX
  • Optic Neuritis Secondary to Multiple Sclerosis – CE Presentation to ODs in Houston

Poster Presentations

  • Comparing the Effectiveness of TearCare vs Lipiflow for Dry Eye Management – American Academy of Optometry
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of TearCare as a Primary Dry Eye Treatment – American Academy of Optometry
  • An Atypical Case of Recurrent Acute Posterior Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy – American Academy of Optometry
  • Up to Nose Good: Peri-Orbital Recalcitrant Impetigo – American Academy of Optometry
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"They helped me with my dry eye before I had my cataract surgery so I had amazing results! Dr. Nettleton is WONDERFUL! Thank you!"


"Every person in the office is very professional and I would feel safe to say second to none in terms of customer service. Thank you Dr. Parkhurst, Dr. Nettleton, and the entire NuVision team for giving me freedom from contacts and lenses."


"I saw Dr. Nettleton, he noticed a questionable place on the bridge of my nose and recommended that I see a dermatologist. I took his advice and had an appointment a week later with Dr. Limmer and discovered that I had a basal cell carcinoma case and had MOHS surgery. I am so grateful that Dr. Nettleton alerted me! Not sure how long otherwise I would have gone without going to a doctor. He saved me from a possible really serious surgery. My experience has been wonderful. It was very comfortable and I feel that their attention to detail and explanation is fantastic! All my thanks! I will be happy to refer Parkhurst to anyone I know!"


What will your NuVision story be?

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