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Get Ready For The New Toric ICL!

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Are you nearsighted with astigmatism? If you are, it’s likely that you have found it difficult to undergo vision correction. On September 13, 2018, things got a little bit easier.

If you’re tired of dealing with the hassles and maintenance of contacts, there’s a new solution!

Keep reading to learn why the Visian Toric ICL getting FDA approval is so important! 

What Is The EVO ICL?

Until recently, the EVO ICL was only available to patients who were nearsighted. This left out a lot of patients who were not only nearsighted, but had astigmatism as well. 

For many years, the EVO ICL has been available for patients with nearsightedness. The EVO ICL is an implantable contact lens that corrects myopia. This implantable contact lens is permanent, getting rid of any maintenance or cleaning.

At Parkhurst NuVision, we’ve been offering the EVO ICL for many years to our patients. Before now, for astigmatism and nearsightedness, we would perform a dual procedure. This dual procedure would include the implantable contact lens and LASIK for astigmatism.
As LASIK is a corneal surgery that reshapes the cornea, it was not an option for patients with thin corneas. These patients with astigmatism and nearsightedness had no options until now!

Parkhurst NuVision First Practice In US To Perform The Toric ICL

We’re proud to announce that Parkhurst NuVision in San Antonio, Texas will be the first practice in the country to perform the Visian Toric ICL.

This is a huge honor, and something that has been a long time coming. For years, our patients with astigmatism and myopia have been asking when the Toric ICL will be FDA approved. We’re so excited that this day has finally come!

The Visian Toric ICL will be available at Parkhurst NuVision in October of 2018, which is next month! Finally, we can offer a way to correct these refractive errors, instead of dual procedures. 

Am I A Candidate For The Visian Toric ICL?

The Visian Toric ICL is FDA approved to treat patients who have astigmatism and are nearsighted. Before now, this was not an option. There was only the EVO ICL.

The Visian Toric ICL is also best for patients who can no longer deal with the frustrations of glasses. The Visian Toric ICL is a permanent implantable contact lens. An ICL eliminates the need to deal with taking your contacts out before sleeping, and can cut your costs. Buying contacts each month gets expensive!

When you’re buying contacts for astigmatism and nearsightedness, it costs more. The Visian Toric ICL can save you money in the long-term, and save you the headaches and dry eyes from contacts.

The Visian Toric ICL is made out of collamer. Collamer is a co-polymer of collagen. Using collamer allows Parkhurst NuVision to correct your vision in a natural way!

Want to learn more about the benefits of the Visian Toric ICL and if you could be a candidate? Contact us to schedule your convenient consultation today!


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of vision correction, but also any risks of vision correction that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.

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