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We love hearing stories of our patients and their amazing accomplishments after their procedures! Use the links below to select stories for a certain type of procedure, or simply scroll the page to review all the videos.

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Hope’s Story

Why this Michigan Mother of 3 Traveled to San Antonio for Clear, Crisp Vision


Caitlin is a Parkhurst Nuvision Lasik patient
Caitlin's StoryWatch Now ➞
These twins are Parkhurst Nuvision Lasik patients
The Twins' StoriesWatch Now ➞
Ron is a Parkhurst Nuvision Lasik patient
Ron's StoryWatch Now ➞
Shane is a Parkhurst Nuvision Lasik patient
Shane's StoryWatch Now ➞
Dr. Herra is a patient at Parkhurst
Dr. Herrera's StoryWatch Now ➞
Daniel is a Parkhurst Nuvision Lasik patient
Daniel's StoryWatch Now ➞
Mere's story with Parkhurst NuVision
Mere from "Off the Ranch" has LASIKWatch Now ➞
Patient stories from Parhurst Lasik Surgery
LASIK Patient StoriesWatch Now ➞


Sarah Bui's story
Dr. Sarah Bui's StoryWatch Now ➞
Cole's story about his eye surgery and recovery
Cole's StoryWatch Now ➞
Hope's Story
Hope's StoryWatch Now ➞
Family testimonial
Family Testimonial: Dr. MuellerWatch Now ➞
Family testimonial about parkhurst
Family Testimonial: Dr. ParkhurstWatch Now ➞
Laura's Lasik story
Laura's StoryWatch Now ➞

Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. Parkhurst parents' story
Dr. Parkhurst's Parent's StoryWatch Now ➞
Bill's story
Bill Land - "Voice of the Spurs"Watch Now ➞
Peggy's story
Peggy's StoryWatch Now ➞
Pat's story
Pat's Story Watch Now ➞
Kathy's cataract story
Kathy's StoryWatch Now ➞
Ralph's story
Ralph's StoryWatch Now ➞

News Stories & Appearances

Dr. Parkhurst's philosophy
Dr. Parkhurst's PhilosophyWatch Now ➞
Advanced Eye Technology
Advanced Eye TechnologyWatch Now ➞
Our Collaborative care model
Our Collaborative Care ModelWatch Now ➞
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