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“2024 is the year for Clear Vision!” But how do you fit LASIK into the budget…? 🤔

Grab our San Antonio Area LASIK Pricing Guide and discover:

✅ What you can expect to invest in LASIK in the San Antonio area

✅ The “Smart Phone Approach” and why many people use this popular method to pay for LASIK

✅ Two common, tax-free ways to cover your LASIK investment

✅ Vision Correction vs. Other Monthly Expenditures – how does it stack up?

✅ The 3 popular payment plans available for vision correction

✅ Can LASIK actually save you money? We show you the math…

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"I knew Dr. Parkhurst was one of the top surgeons in the world for the ICL procedure, so I was expecting the price to be outrageous. We were pleasantly surprised by the accessibility of the price, especially with the special financing options (including no-interest options)."

Jessica V, A Modern LASIK and EVO ICL Patient

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