LASIK & Vision Correction
Financing and Payment Plans

Payment and Financing Options for LASIK, Cataract Surgery, and Other Vision Correction Procedures in San Antonio, Texas

LASIK is a life-changing procedure, and it’s our goal to make it as accessible as possible for everyone who comes to Parkhurst NuVision. We know that LASIK and other vision correction procedures such as laser cataract surgery, PRK, and Visian ICL, can add so much value to your life—both through the ease and convenience they bring and also the lifetime cost savings. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you are likely spending more than you realize on maintenance, upgrades, and supplies. Vision correction surgery can help you save money over time and we aim to make it even more affordable with flexible payment options and payment plans. Learn more about the cost of LASIK in San Antonio.

LASIK Financing Options

Payment Options for LASIK and Vision Correction at Parkhurst NuVision

We understand that medical expenses can feel complicated, but we are experts at getting our patients the best rates for vision correction. When you’re ready to see better, we’re ready to help you get there. Whether you are seeking a zero-interest payment option, a long-term financing plan, or a combination that is right for you, we will work with you to get you the vision you deserve with payment options that work for you. We happily accept the following:

  • Credit card – we accept most major brands
  • Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, and Paypal
  • Cash/money order/check
  • FSA/HSA funds
  • Bitcoin
  • Alphaeon credit card
  • CareCredit credit card
  • A combination of payment options
  • Some insurance plans will help cover LASIK, even though it’s generally considered an elective procedure; talk to our staff to learn more

Payment Plans for LASIK and Vision Correction Procedures

We work with independent medical lenders in order to help you find a LASIK payment plan to fit your budget. These credit card options allow you to pay for your vision care up front, then pay on your own time with a range of monthly payment options.

Alphaeon Credit Card

The Alphaeon Credit Card allows you to easily pay for ophthalmology costs like LASIK and other select expenses. Alphaeon sometimes offers special rates, so check out your options today!


The CareCredit Credit Card is applicable to a wide range of healthcare services and offers easy monthly payments at different rates and plans.

We recommend you check your credit financing options with both Alphaeon and CareCredit to find the payment plan that is best for you.

Using FSA & HSA Funds For LASIK

Using a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) is a smart way to pay for vision correction surgery. FSA and HSA accounts are tax advantaged for medical expenses, meaning that money placed in them is untaxed so your vision correction costs can be tax-free. Many FSA accounts don’t roll over saved money year-to-year, so a corrective vision surgery at Parkhurst NuVision can make for a great use of these funds before they expire. Talk to your plan’s administrator to learn more about using your FSA or HSA for vision correction.

Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK Financing

Will insurance cover LASIK?

When it comes to insurance, almost all health and vision plans do not cover vision correction surgery because they consider LASIK and other vision correction procedures to be elective. At Parkhurst NuVision, we know that these procedures are the most efficient way to correct vision and they can be an essential key to optimal well-being. While we hope that insurance coverage changes in the future, for now we will continue to offer financing and payment options to help achieve better vision. We can also work with insurance companies that do offer some coverage for vision costs associated with LASIK.

How much will my monthly payment be?

Vision correction at Parkhurst NuVision is customized for your unique eyes and the overall cost can vary depending on your vision needs and the type of procedure you have. A payment plan from one of our lending partners can be as low as $86/month for qualified patients.

Can you tell me what payment plans I qualify for?

While we work closely with our financing partners, they are independent lenders. During your consultation appointment, we will review how to apply to Alphaeon and CareCredit directly and learn what payment plan options are available to you.

Contact Us to Learn More About Paying for LASIK and Vision Correction!

Imagine life without the hassle and ongoing cost of glasses or contacts—now you know that it can be a reality! With our payment plan options, LASIK is within reach. Contact us to schedule your consultation and learn about affordable vision payment options.

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