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How Much Does EVO ICL Surgery Cost?

The ophthalmology community is abuzz with the long-awaited FDA approval of the EVO ICL lens. The EVO lens – an implantable collamer lens that patients cannot see or feel, and requires zero maintenance – provides LASIK-like results to patients who may not be good candidates for LASIK Eye Surgery, or simply prefer a different type of vision procedure.

The ophthalmology community is abuzz with the long-awaited FDA approval of the EVO ICL lens.

Before we get into the cost of the EVO ICL… What is all the hype about?

The hype around the EVO Visian Implantable Lens is well-deserved. It offers improved night vision, does not create dry eye (a common complaint among contact lens wearers), provides UV protection and is even removable if the person ever desires to have it removed.

And with more than 1,000,000 EVO lenses implanted internationally in over a decade of research and development, people in the United States can finally take advantage of this FDA-approved implantable lens procedure.

How much is the EVO ICL procedure?

The cost of EVO ICL starts at a highly affordable $119 per eye, per month with flexible payment plans. The EVO ICL is usually about $4000 – $5000 per eye, and therefore comparable in total price to what patients spend on Modern LASIK, with the important caveat that patients also pay for the EVO lenses, which are custom-selected to their unique eyes.

The EVO lenses are selected specifically for each patient based on the size, shape and required prescription for each eye. In fact, STAAR Surgical, the manufacturer of the EVO ICL, produces thousands of various configurations of these lenses to meet the unique vision needs of each patient.

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Where can I get the EVO ICL?

Due to popular demand and the intense customization that goes into each EVO lens, only a handful of Vision Surgeons are currently able to offer the EVO ICL procedure in the United States at this time.
Patients who want the EVO procedure are traveling from across the country to Parkhurst NuVision, a leading-edge San Antonio LASIK practice. In addition to LASIK, Parkhurst NuVision specializes in all 7 forms of FDA-approved modern vision correction, including the EVO ICL procedure.

In fact, the team of doctors at Parkhurst NuVision were instrumental in the research, development and FDA approval of the EVO technology. According to the manufacturer, Dr. Greg Parkhurst, Medical Director, implanted more EVO ICL lenses during the clinical trials than any other surgeon in the country.
“We had high expectations for the EVO ICL, and the results we were able to achieve on behalf of our patients even surpassed those,” Parkhurst said. “Data from the FDA trial shows that the average vision achieved by patients is better than 20/20, which is the established gold standard in visual acuity. Helping our patients sharpen their vision beyond 20/20… well, we’re almost as excited as they are!”

As for patients who are traveling across Texas or across the country to San Antonio for this procedure, Parkhurst NuVision is working overtime to ensure patients can have the procedure in a timely manner.
“When EVO launched, we sent two of our team members to Los Angeles so they could hand-deliver our initial set of customized lenses from STAAR, the EVO manufacturer,” said Dr. Bobby Saenz, Clinic Director of Parkhurst NuVision. Parkhurst NuVision started offering EVO ICL’s that very evening, operating late into the night and performed 12 procedures on the first day the EVO was commercially available in the United States.

“We have patients who have waited years for this lens to be approved,” Saenz said. “In our opinion, they’ve waited long enough.” As a preferred provider of the EVO technology, Parkhurst NuVision is making daily orders for customized EVO lenses for their patients.

“Thankfully, we’ve yet to experience delays in lens delivery,” Saenz said. “We encourage anyone interested in the EVO lens procedure to contact us directly so we can serve them in a timely manner.”
And when it comes to the cost of the EVO procedure, here’s the report from the Parkhurst NuVision patient scheduling team: “The most common remark from our patients is that it’s the best money they’ve ever spent. When you look at the affordability of the procedure compared to expensive glasses and contacts, along with the many flexible payment plans we offer, it quickly becomes a no-brainer investment for our patients.”

For more information on the EVO lens and to determine if you qualify for the procedure, call (210) 585-2020 or click here to request an in-person or virtual consultation.

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