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Cataract Surgery Patient Experience Videos

We love hearing stories of our patients and their amazing accomplishments after their procedures!

Featured Patient

Sharp Shooter Ralph

Why Action-Shooter Ralph chose Laser Cataract Surgery and Never Looked Back

Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. Parkhurst parents' story
Surgeon Performs Cataract Surgery On His Own Parents!Watch Now ➞
Bill's story
Voice of the Spurs Shares His Cataract StoryWatch Now ➞
Peggy's story
Ballroom Dancer Peggy Oefinger Gets Cataract SurgeryWatch Now ➞
Pat's story
Laser Cataracts: Pat Good Shares Her Cataract StoryWatch Now ➞
Kathy's cataract story
Kathy Walden Describes Life After Her Laser Cataract SurgeryWatch Now ➞
Dr. Charlie Webb shares RLE story
Refractive Lens Exchange: Dr. Charlie Webb Tells His StoryWatch Now ➞
Joe Reinagel RLE patient
Sportscaster Joe Reinagel's Incredible Vision TransformationWatch Now ➞
Diane, a cataract patient
Pickleball Player, Diana, gets Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery!Watch Now ➞
KENS 5 reports on Liz's cataract story
Cataract Surgery For Those Who Can't Use Their Hands for Glasses/ContactsWatch Now ➞
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