Visian ICL Eye Surgery in San Antonio, TX

Visian ICL is one of the most advanced, successful, and effective vision correction surgeries in the industry, and can provide dramatically clearer vision even to those who don’t qualify for LASIK. We’re a top practice in the country for Visian ICL and a leader in providing similar surgeries such as LASIK, PRK, and SMILE.

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What Is Visian ICL Surgery?

Visian ICL eye surgery involves placing a phakic lens in front of the eye’s natural lens. This implantable contact lens, or “ICL”, is made of biocompatible material called collamer, making it a perfectly safe permanent contact lens.

Visian ICL is a unique vision correction option. It’s primarily designed to treat myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism and can provide comparable or even sharper vision correction for these issues than eyewear or other eye surgeries!

Why Choose Visian ICL Eye Surgery?

Visian ICL has some distinct advantages for certain patients:

Results: Professional studies conducted with the help of our own Dr. Parkhurst have found that 96% of eyes achieved 20/20 sight with ICL, and that ICL offers significantly better night vision and contrast than other vision correction options. Visian ICL is also designed to treat greater degrees of nearsightedness than other eye surgeries.

Experience: Visian ICL can take as little as seven minutes during an outpatient procedure, and many patients can see results and return to normal activities including driving within 24 hours of surgery. Additionally, the lens can be adjusted in the future for any changes in your vision over time.

Safety: Visian ICL offers minimal risk of dry eye or corneal complications because of how the procedure is completed. In addition, the ICL itself has inherent UV blocking properties for built-in sun protection!

Visian Toric ICL for Astigmatism

While Visian ICL eye surgery is an exceptional solution for nearsightedness, it wasn’t always an ideal solution to astigmatism on its own. Because astigmatic eyes are unusually shaped, many patients with astigmatism needed both Visian ICL and a supplementary procedure like LASIK for full correction.

As of the FDA’s 2018 approval, we’re proud to now offer the Toric ICL designed specifically for astigmatism and myopia. In fact, Dr. Parkhurst himself was the first to offer Toric ICL in the US!

Visian ICL Eye Surgery at
Parkhurst NuVision

Dr. Parkhurst is the most experienced and lauded ICL surgeon in all of Texas. He was the first in the country to offer both Visian ICL and Toric ICL, and quickly became the highest volume ICL surgeon in the US; while other practices were providing around 10 ICL eye surgeries a year, Dr. Parkhurst was completing over 1,000!

In the intervening years, he has been awarded the International Visian ICL Surgeon of the Year and became one of only five surgeons in North America to be inducted into the Visian ICL Master’s Club. He has written textbooks, lectured, researched, and conducted ICL across the globe, often by invite.

People have traveled across the country for Visian ICL at Parkhurst NuVision, and we’ve helped them get comfortable accommodations — and life-changing vision correction.

Am I A Good Candidate for Visian ICL Surgery?

If you’re nearsighted or astigmatic, Visian ICL may be a great option for you, even if other procedures aren’t a good match for your unique eyes. That said, many of our patients qualify for our industry leading Visian ICL eye surgery as well as many of our other state-of-the-art vision correction procedures such as LASIK, PRK, and SMILE.

We’re proud to offer an exceptional range of procedures and fully tailor them to your needs, ensuring that we can improve vision for the vast majority of patients we see. And we offer complimentary vision correction consultations where we can begin customizing your care for optimal outcomes and comfort.

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