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man with afro shocked at fast LASIK Recovery 

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery  

The most common questions I get when I’ve told someone I had LASIK are, “How was it AFTER?! What is recovery like? Did it hurt?”  

Quite honestly, it was a breeze. Coming from someone that, quite literally, feared the easter bunny growing up (not kidding).

The most nerve-wracking part was driving TO the office. Once I was there, it was smooth sailing.

From a kind and warm smile at the front desk, to a fun technician helping prep me for the quick surgery and listening to Polyphia jams during the procedure; it was an experience like no other, truly breathtaking from start to finish.  

I’ve written a few take-a-ways that helped me have the most magical experience and recovery, I hope it helps you too!   


LASIK Recovery Tips 

Tip #1: Put on Netflix & Take A Nap 

How amazing that #1 on the doctor’s ’To-Do’ list is ’Go home and take a nap’ (they could have signed me up 7 times based on that, alone)?

Right after I left the office, we stopped and got yummy food from Panera bread. I went home, put on Stranger Things, ate and laid down.

The combination of happy meds from the procedure, food from Panera, and Netflix, you definitely feel like taking a good nap.

I may or not be the best patient, because right before I actually went to sleep… I stared outside my backyard window and practically cried because I could see the leaves on our fence line. Then, yes, I took a nap.  

What food can I eat after LASIK? Or What food can I eat before LASIK?:  

Good news: you are free to eat whatever your heart desires! There are no limitations.

Before surgery, I ate yummy huevos con bacon y frijoles. 

After surgery, a Panera bread bowl sounded like an amazing ‘pre-nap’ food coma must have. They both did not disappoint, perfect meals for sure.  


Tip #2: Use Your Eye Drops 

One thing I really don’t like dealing with is prescriptions.

Spending extra time making sure offices call in drops in addition to going and having to pick them up, it’s just too much.

So, when I learned that the medicated drops AND artificial tears were being provided by Parkhurst NuVision, I knew 100% I made the right choice in offices (again, sign me up 7 times please!).

Your eye drops will be your best friend in the next few weeks.

I especially loved putting the artificial tears in the fridge and asking my husband, “Can you please get me a cold one from the fridge?”. Yes, I am THAT wife.

Also, the drops help your eyes feel incredibly moisturized. I am always on my iPad for school, my phone to catch up with family, or my computer for work. I used the drops excessively, not because my eyes felt bad but because I didn’t ever want them to get to the point of dryness. Using them so much early on helped me not need them long term.  


Tip #3: Don’t Rub Your Eyes 

No matter how mesmerizing and ‘kaleidoscope star forming’ rubbing your eyes may seem, it isn’t worth it.

Don’t do it.  I totally understand the allergies that San Antonio can bring though, trust me!

While your eyes are healing, it’s incredibly important to not accidentally damage any of the magic that the lasers and surgeon performed. Plus, it just delays going out and jumping into a pool for the first time WITHOUT CONTACTS 


Tip #4: Don’t Use Make-Up for 1 week after LASIK 

You’re naturally beautiful anyway, take the extra 30 minutes and sleep in.  


LASIK Recovery Time  

Because LASIK is a minimally invasive procedure, it has an incredibly quick recovery period.

I mentioned earlier how fascinating it was to get home and look out my backyard window, it can be that quick!

I’ve heard many people say that they can see better walking out of the surgery suite than they could walking in. 100% worth the 8-10 minutes of being super cold! (It’s pretty chilly in there 😉)  


Bonus Tip: Go Conquer the World 

You DON’T have to ‘imagine’ anymore. You ARE FREE of the barriers.  

You DON’T have to worry about salt from the beach in your contacts, 

You DON’T have to stumble around, trying to find your glasses in the middle of the night after you’ve heard a noise at the front door. 

You DON’T have to wiggle around your toddler, who’s trying tug your glasses off your face. 

Remember WHY you started looking for LASIK in the first place.

Go conquer the world! 


If you’ve thought about LASIK before, but have steered away due to unanswered questions, I dare you to contact Parkhurst NuVision and help get those questions answered.  

Remember. Your. ‘Why’!  


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of LASIK, but also any risks of LASIK that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.

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