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Ukrainian Doctors Donating Free Lasik Eye Surgery To Soldiers

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Help for Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine War

Russia began an invasion of Ukraine last week with forces moving from the north, east, and south. The attack is still evolving with explosions, airstrikes, and threats mounting against the capital of Kyiv, a city of nearly 3 million people.

Ukraine Doctor Calls for Support

Dr. Andriy Kovalov, a refractive surgeon, posted on social media calling for support of Ukraine. Dr. Kovalov and his wife live in Kyiv and are currently resisting, while their sons are active military and doing the same. 

LASIK for Ukrainian Soldiers

As some residents continue to flee, many other citizens, small businesses, and organizations are doing what they can to resist the brutality of this needless tragedy and invasion by the Russians. Dr. Kovalov posted about one company in particular, Luksoptika, a refractive surgery organization. They recognized a need as soldiers entered the fight. The last thing soldiers need to worry about is debris in their contacts, glasses falling off, or even being lost while they fight back. Currently, there are groups of refractive surgeons in Ukraine that are offering their services, free of charge, to the Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines or preparing to join forces. 

Ways to Help Ukraine

Other countries are stepping up as well. The Association of Private Ophthalmologists of Sweden is donating all the funds received from patients to support and treat children of Ukraine.

We praise our colleagues in Ukraine and the world for stepping up in this time of need and inspiring others to do the same. Dr. Parkhurst and many other current and former US military doctors have treated tens of thousands of military service members knowing how important vision is for soldiers. We are asking that other Refractive Surgeons, eye doctors, and everyone we know support the Ukrainian people as well through donations to assist with the basic support and medical needs these soldiers and brave innocent citizens have in this extreme time of need.

To donate, please go to our GoFundMe page.


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