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How Long After LASIK Can I Wear Makeup?

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Lady with LASIK putting on makeup in the mirror

How Long After LASIK Can I Wear Makeup?

The use of makeup is an incredible way to express yourself, and LASIK eye surgery makes it easier to transform your look! When glasses are no longer in consideration, you do not have to budge with eyelash extensions or false eyelashes hitting the rim. Think about your makeup not hiding behind your frames or ruined on the bridge of your nose. Similarly, without the use of contacts, you do not have to worry about putting them in before or after doing your makeup. You no longer have to worry about if specific products will irritate the contacts in your eyes. It’s fair enough to say that the freedom from prosthetic eyewear that LASIK offers can make an impact on your makeup and confidence!

Why Can’t I Wear Makeup After LASIK

The truth is, not wearing makeup after LASIK is only temporary! Within the first week of LASIK eye surgery, your doctor will advise you not to wear makeup around or near the eyes to avoid an infection occurring. Whether you know it or not, makeup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria can be found almost everywhere, especially on makeup and its related tools. This is not usually an issue for healed eyes, but after LASIK it is. Using makeup that has bacteria on it, due to dirty makeup sponges or brushes, can cause an infection or irritation. With that being said, your cornea will need time to heal due to the reshaping happening during your surgery for your vision correction. The only thing going near or in your eyes should be the anti-bacterial drops your doctor has provided for you.

When You Can Wear Makeup After LASIK

Most people can wear makeup the day after their LASIK surgery, such as the use of foundation, concealer, blush, or even contour. However, you’ll want to take special care around your eyes, which will likely be sensitive. It is recommended to wait 7 days after LASIK eye surgery to put on mascara, eyeliner, or even eyeshadow. Be sure to wait until any crusting has dissipated and avoid putting pressure on your eyes when applying makeup. After the week of restrictions, avoid using any makeup that could potentially irritate your eyes; and if it does, be sure to carefully remove all makeup. Other than that, there’s no need to wait to put on some mascara or lipstick! If you experience any discomfort or notice that your vision is getting worse, be sure to contact your eye doctor.

Tips For Wearing Makeup After LASIK

Even when you have the green light to wear makeup following your LASIK procedure, it’s still important to take the following steps to avoid irritation and to protect your overall eye health. Keep the following tips in mind when applying makeup post-LASIK:

Stick with Face Makeup

While you absolutely must avoid eye products immediately after your LASIK procedure, face products are okay to use. You can still apply foundation, blush, and lipstick, so long as it’s not near or close to your eyes.

Avoid The Waterline

If you wear eyeliner, then chances are you place liner on your upper water line to create a fuller, more wide-eyed look. But using makeup so close to the eye increases the risk of poking or irritating it. We encourage you to avoid using makeup so close to your waterline, at least in the first few weeks following your procedure.

Don’t Rub Too Hard

When removing makeup, it’s best to be gentle and to take your time with it. It’ll be worth spending the extra time removing your eye makeup as it’ll reduce the risk of irritation or infection. This is especially important in the weeks following your procedure. Even when you can wear eye makeup again, choose makeup that’s easy to remove, at least in the beginning.

Wash Your Brushes

This tip is important regardless of if you’ve had LASIK or not. Ensure you wash your brushes regularly, and carefully, to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Not only can this improve your makeup application and prevent acne or skin irritation, but it helps prevent eye infections as well.

Never Use Expired Products

Be sure to keep an eye on the expiration date of your makeup products. This is especially true for eye products, which often expire more quickly. Using expired makeup raises the risk of acne, eye infections, and other undesirable outcomes. When in doubt, throw it out!


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of LASIK, but also any risks of LASIK that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.

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