January 2015. Breckenridge, Colorado. Our Family Trip.


There’s nothing like a much-needed family vacation, right? Especially headed out of state, thousands of miles away from home to uncharted territory. Away from work, away from your normal daily duties. A place to relax and enjoy every moment. Even more with that place is Breckenridge, Colorado. My family and I talked about this vacation for years, ever since I was little.

We were finally headed to the mountains. 


It was one of the coolest trips I had been on in my entire life. 

I personally don’t like to live with many regrets, but planning for this trip I left out one major thing to do before departure – ditch my glasses. It’s not something I thought about when making all the final trip arrangements. Between making sure we had plane tickets to shampoos and toothpaste, ski boots to snacks. I didn’t think I would be limiting myself by ensuring I packed all the necessary ‘eye gear’. I thought I was just being prepared.


Then it hit me.

While we all went out to rent our skis & poles, I realized I couldn’t fit any of the recommended ski-goggles over my prescription glasses. The sun was entirely too bright to head out without the protective sunglasses either. Believe me, I tried. I even thought about trying to head out on the ice without my glasses and just the goggles, but nothing says you’re a newbie out on the snow like falling a million times.

(Prescription glasses & sunglasses. Because rockin’ the 6 eyes is obviously the way to go… NOT)  

I know you’re probably thinking, why didn’t I just wear contacts? For me, while glasses were a huge pain – contacts were way worse. I couldn’t deal with the dry eye and constant irritation so I avoided them at all cost.

So, while everyone else headed out, I stayed back and watched. 

Ski Lift
(My Brother, Boyfriend, and Step Dad on the Lift… without me)

It ended up being one of the few regrets I’ve dealt with in my life. Other than the fact that I didn’t consider LASIK sooner. 

I had my LASIK in December 2016 and I’ve loved every moment since.

  • Jumping into the lake.
  • Taking a shower.
  • Water gun fights with my niece.
  • Waking up and being able to see! 

The next Colorado trip will be one for the books!! 🙂

-Amanda Villarreal