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Get Rid of Contact Lens Intolerance For Good

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Get Rid of Contact Lens Intolerance For Good

Contact lens intolerance and irritation can have you seeing differently from one day to the next. Yesterday, you hardly knew your lenses were in your eyes, but today they became painful from the moment you put them in.

Contact lens intolerance has an innumerable list of possible causes, from ill-fitting lenses or tiny tears in the lenses to allergens in the environment and dry eye syndrome. Dust, dander, pollen, and other allergen particles attach to your contact lenses, making them uncomfortable on your eyes and distorting your vision. Let’s face it, we live in San Antonio, TX and it’s usually in the top 20 cities for allergies which means your chances of being affected by these things is pretty likely. The irritants can even cause your eyes to become itchy, red, and burning, resulting in inflammation and pain when trying to wear your lenses.

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Solutions for Contact Lens Intolerance

There are multiple ways to deal with contact lens intolerance and one surefire way to conquer it.

To deal with it, you must ensure your lenses are a proper fit for your eyes. Many times this means multiple trips to the eye doctor to try different types and brands of lenses to find a better fit.

You will need to properly clean your lenses, per instructions every day, and immediately whenever you feel soreness, inflammation, and tenderness. Simply put, you have to be a good Boy or Girl Scout — always prepared with your solutions, lens case, and backup eyeglasses.

Each year, many of the millions of patients suffering with contact lens intolerance avoid the headache and hassles of contact lenses altogether by eliminating their need for contact lenses and the irritation that comes along with them with laser vision correction.

End Contact Lens Irritation with Laser Vision Correction

Alternatively, you can kick contact lens intolerance to the curb entirely with Laser Eye Surgery. One of these procedures is SMILE LASIK, a kinder, more gentle laser vision correction. More than four million people can see clearly thanks to the fastest-growing laser vision correction surgery in the world.

Now you may be wondering, is SMILE LASIK? Put simply: Not exactly. The entire process takes place just under the eye’s surface, making the treatment safe and promoting faster healing. The entire treatment takes just under 30 seconds, or less than the time spent cleaning your contacts daily. Better yet, you can enjoy your great vision the very next day without any restrictions or worries.

SMILE vision correction has proven to be an effective option for people with myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism. That’s right. SMILE is a viable vision correction treatment even for many people who were not candidates for LASIK in the past. Most return to work the day after, and you can apply makeup the very next day, too, unlike with other laser vision correction treatments.

Making the Decision to End Contact Lens Irritation

Recognizing that putting-up with contact lens intolerance is not your only option is the first step towards healthier eyes. Deciding if SMILE is the right choice for you, is only a decision you should make after you come in for a consultation with us. Click here to and weighing all your options. If you want to solve your contact lens intolerance permanently and have not considered SMILE, start by taking our quiz to see if SMILE LASIK or one of our other advanced vision correction procedures is an option for you.


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of LASIK, but also any risks of LASIK that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.

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