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Does Lasik Hurt?

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Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Laser Eye Surgery


For those who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a hassle. Luckily, for those looking for freedom from corrective eyewear, there is laser eye surgery, also known as Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) Eye Surgery. LASIK is a popular procedure that uses lasers to reshape the cornea and improve vision. As with any type of medical procedure, it’s important to weigh the risks versus the rewards before committing. Let’s explore what benefits and risks, if any, are associated with Lasik Eye Surgery so you can determine if it’s right for you.


Why Do People Think LASIK Hurts?

Many individuals often assume that LASIK eye surgery, a procedure designed to improve vision, is painful due to its surgical nature and the delicate area being treated. It’s natural for people to feel apprehensive about having a laser operating on their eyes, as sight is one of our most valued senses. Furthermore, the mere mention of the word “surgery” tends to provoke feelings of discomfort. 


However, it is essential to understand that the LASIK procedure is typically completely painless, with doctors using numbing eye drops to ensure patient comfort before, during, and after your procedure. By educating oneself about the process and discussing concerns with an experienced ophthalmologist, potential patients can quell their fears and make an informed decision on this life-changing procedure.


What Can Cause Pain During LASIK Surgery?

In order to understand the potential causes of pain during LASIK, it’s essential to have a basic grasp of the process. The surgery involves the creation of a corneal ‘window opening’, followed by reshaping the underlying cornea using a laser. During this process, patients may experience slight pressure on the front surface of the eye, often attributable to the suction applied by the surgical instrument while creating the window opening. 


Temporary scratchiness and irritation of the eye post-surgery are common, contributing to feelings of discomfort. It’s vital for patients to communicate any concerns with their eye surgeon prior to the procedure, as appropriate measures can be taken to minimize potential discomfort and ensure a smooth and successful outcome. 


Before the surgery begins, a numbing agent in the form of eye drops is administered to eliminate the sensation of discomfort during the procedure. More drops are placed in the eye during the procedure as well! This allows you to feel comfortable & ready to get your NuVision! 


Moreover, leading-edge laser technology allows for a quick and precise treatment, usually taking no more than 5 minutes for each eye!


Does LASIK Hurt After Surgery?

Many individuals considering LASIK Eye Surgery often have concerns about the discomfort they may experience post-procedure. It is quite normal to have such questions, and it is important to inform yourself about what to expect during the recovery period. While LASIK is known for its quick recovery and minimal pain, you may experience some mild discomfort in the first few hours following surgery. This may be felt in the form of scratchiness or a foreign body sensation in the treated eye. However, this discomfort is usually temporary and manageable with the use of artificial tears and other medications prescribed by your surgeon. 


In most cases, patients find the discomfort to be significantly less than what they originally anticipated. It is essential, though, to follow your doctor’s postoperative care instructions diligently to ensure a smooth, comfortable recovery with the best possible outcome for your vision.

Post-LASIK Eye Tips

After undergoing LASIK eye surgery, it is essential to follow specific post-operative care measures to ensure optimal healing and foster excellent visual outcomes. One of the top recommendations is to adhere to your eye drop schedule, which will keep your eyes moisturized, promote healing, and prevent infection. To ensure a successful recovery, it’s vital to resist the urge to rub or touch your eyes, as this action could potentially dislodge the delicate corneal ‘window’ created during LASIK. In addition, prioritizing a solid sleep schedule and wearing adequate eye protection, such as sunglasses and safety goggles, can protect your eyes from harmful elements and help speed up the healing process. 


Remember, LASIK is an investment in your vision, so following these post-surgery tips is key to maintaining your newfound sharp-sightedness. Additionally, it is vital to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with the eye doctor to monitor progress and address any post-op questions promptly. By adhering to these measures, you can aid in the seamless recovery of your eyes and ultimately reap the full benefits of your LASIK surgery.

Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

While LASIK Eye Surgery has been proven to be an effective procedure for correcting various vision issues, it is important to be aware of its potential side effects. Immediately following the surgery, patients may experience some discomfort or irritation in their eyes, which is generally temporary and subsides within a few hours. Although rare, there have been instances of under response or over response. 


The Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery

While Lasik eye surgery is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified ophthalmologist using modern technology, there are still some risks associated with the procedure. In rare cases, some patients may experience regression, which means that their vision may not stay perfectly clear over time but can actually decline again based on age-related changes in their eyesight such as presbyopia (inability to focus on nearby objects). 


The Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

The most obvious advantage of LASIK eye surgery is that you will no longer need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. This can be a great relief for those who have been relying on corrective lenses for years, as they will no longer need to worry about misplacing their glasses or running out of contact lenses. Additionally, after undergoing LASIK surgery, many patients report that their vision is better than it was with glasses or contacts. 


With improved vision, patients no longer need corrective eyewear and can enjoy activities such as swimming and exercising freely without worrying about uncomfortable goggles or slippery contacts.


In addition to improving vision and freeing you from glasses or contact lenses, Lasik Eye Surgery also boasts quick recovery time — usually within 24 hours — minimal discomfort during recovery, and long lasting results with proper follow-up care and maintenance.  Most people are able to return to work and other activities within a day after the procedure. In addition, the procedure itself only takes a few minutes and can often be completed in one session. In fact, studies show that 97% of people who have had LASIK agreed that LASIK works better than their contacts did.

If you’re considering having laser eye surgery like LASIK done on your eyes it’s important to weigh both the benefits and risks before committing so that you can make an informed decision about whether this type of procedure is right for you! 


Overall though, LASIK has proven itself over time as a safe and effective way to improve ocular health while providing improved quality of life for millions who no longer need eyeglasses or contact lenses! 


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of LASIK, but also any risks of LASIK that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.


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