LASIK Eye Surgery Cost
and Financing in San Antonio, TX

LASIK is a life-changing procedure, and it’s our goal to make it as accessible as possible for everyone we meet. If you use corrective eyewear, you are likely spending more than you realize over the years — LASIK costs much less than a lifetime of eyewear, and we can help make it even more affordable! Our billing staff are experts at navigating insurances and payment plans to help you save as much as possible.

LASIK Financing Options

LASIK Financing Options

We’re proud to offer affordable payment plans and healthcare financing options.

The Alphaeon Credit Card allows you to pay for ophthalmology like LASIK and select other medical expenses up front, and then offers a range of monthly payment options. Alphaeon sometimes offers special rates, meaning you have nothing to lose by checking out your options with them!

We’re also happy to accept the CareCredit Credit Card, which has the same benefits of allowing you to begin your procedure immediately and pay for it over time in easy monthly payments. CareCredit is applicable to a wider range of healthcare services and offers different rates.

We recommend you check your credit financing options with both Alphaeon and CareCredit!

Using FSA & HSA Funds For LASIK

Many people leverage flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) funds to help pay for their procedure. Money placed in an FSA or HSA is untaxed, so if you have an FSA or an HSA and pay for medical expenses with its funds, those expenses are tax-free!

Many FSA accounts don’t roll over saved money year-to-year, so a corrective vision surgery at Parkhurst NuVision can make for a great use of these funds before they expire.

Payment Options for LASIK at Parkhurst NuVision

Medical expenses are complicated, but we excel at getting our patients the best rates for our procedures. We happily accept the following:

  • Cash/money order/check
  • Credit card – we accept most major brands
  • FSA/HSA funds
  • Alphaeon credit card
  • CareCredit credit card
  • A combination of payment options
  • Some insurance plans will help cover LASIK, even though it’s generally considered an elective procedure; talk to our staff to learn more

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You CAN afford LASIK or any other available vision correction we offer — schedule your LASIK consultation today, and we’ll help you make it as affordable as possible!