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Why Choose EVO ICL at Parkhurst NuVision?

  • Delivers sharp, clear vision—day and night1,2
  • Maybe an option even if you are not a LASIK candidate
  • 5 to 10-minute procedure with a quick recovery time
  • Does not cause dry eyes3,4
  • Patient satisfaction rate higher than 99%5

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EVO ICL Surgery at Parkhurst NuVision

The EVO ICL lens is a small, flexible lens made from biocompatible collamer. Designed to correct nearsightedness with or without astigmatism, EVO is a great option for patients who qualify for LASIK as well as those who are not candidates due to thin corneas or high prescriptions. Once implanted in the eye during a quick outpatient procedure, EVO is undetectable so you won’t see or feel the lens. The experienced eye doctors at Parkhurst NuVision offer flexible financing options for EVO patients.

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