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Best Lens for Cataract Surgery

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Choosing the best lens for cataract surgery can be intimidating without the proper knowledge. If you are scheduled for cataract surgery, you may wonder what lens to choose. Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are implanted during cataract surgery to replace the eye’s natural lens. There are many different types of IOLs available, and the best type of lens for you will depend on your individual circumstances. 

Best Lens for Cataract surgery

Choose the Right Lens for Your Cataract Surgery

Cataract technology has continued to evolve and it’s now easier to choose an IOL that is best for you. We work with you to determine which lens is the right one for you by evaluating four key factors:


Reviewing these factors will help us decide on a standard monofocal lens, or a premium presbyopia-correcting lens, of which there are several types.

Best IOL for Cataract Surgery San Antonio

Are you considering cataract surgery? With so many options for intraocular lenses (IOLs) out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry – we’ve got the scoop on all of your potential lens choices and will give you a comprehensive look into emerging advances in IOL technology so that your decision-making process is as smooth as possible!

Types of Intraocular Lenses

There are many types of IOLs including monofocal, multifocal, extended depth of focus (EDOF), accommodating, LAL (Light Adjustable Lenses), and the newly approved IC-8 lens.


Monofocal IOLs: The most common lens is the monofocal IOL. It corrects vision at a single distance, usually far away. Monofocal IOLs have been used in cataract surgery for many decades. If you are comfortable still wearing glasses for near and reading vision, this may be the lens for you. For instance, if you are nearsighted and struggle to see a computer screen or are farsighted. Monofocal lenses are typically covered by insurance unless they are used to correct astigmatism, typically called “toric”.


Multifocal IOLs: Multifocal IOLs correct vision at multiple distances and usually allow patients to see clearly at a distance, intermediate, and near range without glasses or contact lenses. Multifocal IOLs are newer than monofocal IOLs but have also been around for decades.


Accommodating IOLs: With Accommodating IOLs, have the capability to morph with your eye muscles and offer clear sight near, far or anywhere in between. One called crystaleus was FDA-approved many years ago and others are in development. 


Extended depth of focus (EDOF) lenses: Get ready to see the world in crisp, clear views – from near and far! These lenses are designed to provide an effortless transition between distant sights and mid-range objects. Perfect for those who don’t require much up close focusing throughout their day or find themselves often hitting the roads during night time.


The Light Adjustable Lens™ from RxSight® (LAL): For those who are concerned about the accuracy of post-operative correction, a new lens called the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) offers an innovative solution. This cutting-edge IOL is unique in that it can be tailored to your exact vision prescription after surgery via several quick and painless UV light treatments, eliminating risk for errors or misalignments when compared to traditional lenses. The advanced technology behind this lens brings precision results so patients enjoy clear vision with less hassle afterward.


IC-8 Lens: The IC-8™ lens replaces your eye’s natural lens and provides clear vision at multiple distances. The lens includes a small ring with a “pinhole” in the center. This advanced design helps focus the light entering the eye and once again is designed for you to see from near to far clearly.

Most Popular Lens Choice for Cataract Surgery: Trifocal IOLs

Alcon’s Panoptix Trifocal Intraocular Lens provides clear vision at all three visual ranges: distance, middle and close-up. This represents a pretty astonishing technological advancement. Patients who opt for this lens usually enjoy full independence from glasses post-surgery. Occasionally, a patient may require glasses for reading very small print. The Panoptix Trifocal can also correct astigmatism. 

Tips on choosing the best lens for Cataract Surgery

There are many different types of intraocular lenses (IOLs) available, and choosing the right one depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Our doctors will get to know more about you at your consultation to determine which lens is best recommended for your life. If you are ready to schedule your consultation or have any questions, please call (210) 585-2020 or click here to send us an email. Be sure to check out the top three things to know before cataract surgery as well.

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