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Patient Stories & Videos

We love hearing stories of our patients and their amazing accomplishments after their procedures! Use the links below to select stories for a certain type of procedure, or simply scroll the page to review all the videos.

Modern LASIK EVO ICL Laser Cataract Surgery News Stories & Appearances


Hope’s Story

Why this Michigan Mother of 3 Traveled to San Antonio for Clear, Crisp Vision


Modern LASIK

Hope’s Story

Why this Michigan Mother of 3 Traveled to San Antonio for Clear, Crisp Vision

Mere from "Off the Ranch" has LASIK

Watch Her 100% Unfiltered NuVision Story

LASIK Patient Stories

We recently invited several patients to share their NuVision stories. Here’s what they had to say…

The Twins' Stories

Texas Country Music Stars Now Enjoy Clear Vision From the Stage

Shane's Story

“It was like night-and-day getting the procedure done…”

Ron's Story

“When you’re in the military, you want to be able to get up and go. And now I can!”

Caitlin's Story

Ocean Explorer Can Finally #SeeFree as She Travels the World

Daniel's Story

Aspiring Navy SEAL: “I drove 22 hours to have LASIK…and it was worth every mile!”

Dr. Herrera's Story

Based on the results their patients get, it’s kind of a no-brainer to come here…”


Dr. Sarah Bui's Story

The moment that I realized I wanted to get ICL refractive surgery was when I got into a car accident and my glasses fell off. It was a really scary time to not be able to see.

Cole's Story

What do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Contact Lenses Have in Common? … NOTHING

Hope's Story

When This Michigan Mother of 3 Traveled 1,384 Miles for Clear, Crisp Vision

Family Testimonial: Dr. Mueller

Family Testimonial: Dr. Parkhurst

Laura's Story

She Didn’t Know This Procedure Existed. Then it Changed Her Life.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. Parkhurst's Parent's Story

Dr. Parkhurst Help *Both* His Parents Regain Clear Vision

Bill Land - "Voice of the Spurs"

Bill Shares His Commentary About the Laser Cataract Surgery Experience

Peggy's Story

Ballroom Dancer is Back Into Full Swing After Laser Cataract Surgery

Pat's Story

“I have never had vision like this that I can remember. This is better than when I was a little girl!”

Kathy's Story

“When you’ve been behind glasses your entire life, it’s a whole new world being able to see…”

Ralph's Story

Sharpshooter’s Sharp Vision Keeps Him on Target

News Stories & Appearances

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Dangers of Contact Lenses

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