El Salvador Cataract Mission 2018

Each year, Dr. Parkhurst travels to Mexico with an organization called SEE International. This group of doctors helps provide ophthalmic care and cataract surgery to patients who otherwise could not afford it and be blind without treatment. “During a recent SEE program in El Salvador, a woman and her young son brought her aging father… Read More

Laura MacKay Did Not Think She Could Have Vision Correction. Little Did She Know…

Meet Laura MacKay Laura always thought she couldn’t have a vision correction procedure because of the severity of her prescription. Hear her story and how she was able to overcome her life with the barrier of her glasses!   “My mom had LASIK, like, ten years ago and I thought LASIK was the only option,… Read More

My LASIK Experience

I have worn glasses since I was four years old. I vividly remember waiting in the drive-thru line at Jack in the Box with my grandma when I saw what I thought was a scuba diver climbing a tree trunk. After taking a little while to decipher what I was talking about, my grandma realized… Read More

“Let me start off with never did I ever think that I would…

So Many Years Wearing Glasses and Struggling “Let me start off with never did I ever think that I would have the vision that I have today, the entire process and LASIK results was a life changer. So much appreciation that you develop for the smallest details is so crazy especially when you realize how… Read More