When Contacts and Eyeglasses Just Do Not Fit Your Routine

Jennifer’s Personal Journey to Better Vision with LASIK For fitness trainers and athletes, workout and performance goals are everything, but those who wear glasses or contacts face a set of unique challenges. We sat down with Jennifer Huff, an aerial silks performer and pole instructor based here in San Antonio, to hear her story about modern LASIK with Dr. Parkhurst. What… Read More

Living with Cataracts: What You Should Know

Aging is an unavoidable part of life that most of us have come to accept. You can get over the fine lines, creaky joints and occasional hot flashes. However, no matter how accepting you are of your age, it’s still hard to hear these three words: “You have cataracts.”  Cataracts are often considered as much… Read More

Why I Told My Dad to Hold Off on His Cataract Surgery

I wanted to tell you all a quick story about my dad. My dad is one of those guys that had big glasses and a bushy mustache. He actually looked like one of those little Halloween masks, where you put it on and they have that big nose and bushy eyebrows. That was always the… Read More