Having Great Vision for Life’s Memorable Milestones

4 Reasons Getting Married Is a Milestone for Considering LASIK One of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life is finding that person you want to build a life with and getting married. Surrounded by family and friends, every couple not only wants to look and feel their best as they celebrate their wedding day; but… Read More

Why Patients Tell Us Getting Modern LASIK is a No-Brainer

10 years ago, if you told me that I would have my entire music catalog, every photo I’ve ever taken, a map to grandma’s house, and access to the entire world’s information, all in my pocket, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now that’s exactly what we have, and it’s our normal life.Why? Technology has made it possible…. Read More

Keeping an Eye on San Antonio Summer Safety Tips

 Are you ready for some fun this summer? With all the sunshine and great attractions to go, see and explore, San Antonio has a lot to offer. Keeping your eyes healthy and your good vision protected is important to make sure you get the most out of your summer adventures, so we put together a… Read More

The Blog Where I Explain Why I Regret My Trip To The Mountains

January 2015. Breckenridge, Colorado. Our Family Trip. There’s nothing like a much-needed family vacation, right? Especially headed out of state, thousands of miles away from home to uncharted territory. Away from work, away from your normal daily duties. A place to relax and enjoy every moment. Even more with that place is Breckenridge, Colorado. My… Read More