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Through The Eyes of the Artists Recovery

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Myrna, a talented artist and patient who recently had cataract surgery, came to her one week follow up with this wonderfully drawn & colored photo of Dr. Parkhurst.

Folks, this masterpiece was completed just days after completing her FIRST EYE ONLY with Laser Cataract Surgery. Mryna opted for a Symfony Lens which helps her see both distance and near without glasses.  You read that right.  No distance glasses.  No cheaters.  No bifocals.  No nada!

Drawing of young man holding glasses

She shared her thoughts and worries with us prior to coming in and having her surgery and we’d like to share them with you. We’d like to show you that while everyone endures worry, the results speak for themselves and we are so excited “the quality of Myrna’s life has grown and she’s able to enjoy the things she once loved”!

“I have been an art teacher with little kids teaching other people how to draw and I never really got to draw what I really wanted. Now that I am retired, I can do what I want when I want. It really was a fear of mine that I wasn’t able to see well enough because everyone that I talked to said, ‘Oh, you can’t thread a needle, you can’t do all of these close-up things once you have it done.” And I do a lot, obviously, of close-up work. I was petrified.

“That was my test. I thought, well I’ll just draw something. I was looking for something to draw and I thought that was intriguing. I used 500 color pencils, look at the details of his eyelashes. The white spec and sparkle in his eyes!” Myrna said.

Myrna went on to describe how she found a picture of Dr. Parkhurst as a child and took a little bit of what she called”artistic license” to show what she imagined as Dr. Parkhurst seeing for the first time, at the moment he put on his firstpair of glasses.  After her cataract surgery, she said she experienced a similar moment where she’s been able to see for seemingly the first time… without her glasses!

picture of boy wearing glasses with baseballs in the background


drawing of boy holding glasses

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