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Parkhurst NuVision Doctors Earn National Award for Showing Compassion

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When we heard the news that we’ve earned the Vitals’ Compassionate Doctor Award for five years running, it was not only an honor, but also a goal accomplished.

Since our inception, compassion has been a key value that we at Parkhurst NuVision strive to practice every day. From the team we hire to the attentive care provided. From the smiling photo lanyards in these masked-up pandemic times to the heated blankets draped over patients going into surgery. From the curated, welcoming ambience of the lobby to the best-in-class tech that ensures top performance and treatment. Part of our mission statement is to be “kind and compassionate experts” and that is important to every single person who wears the PNV badge.

When talking about something is easier than practicing it, remembering the motive that inspired the goal is often what determines your likelihood to achieve it. And bottom line for Dr. Parkhurst is the belief that the balanced combination of kindness, compassion, and expertise is one example of how Parkhurst NuVision endeavors to lead the way.

As a top vision correction clinic, we see a range of cases. From people seeking ModernLASIK to be #done with glasses and contacts to those who want cataract treatment so they can see well to play with their grandchildren, there’s a broad spectrum of goals and motivations. The common thread we see in almost every patient is some degree of vulnerability. Whether you’re placing your eyes in our hands during surgery or depending on us to recommend a treatment plan that will halt blurriness, there has to be a level of trust.

It can be scary to be a patient. The mind often jumps to the worst possibility. It’s important to us that every PNV team member recognizes the potential for fearfulness and vulnerability in every interaction. In training new team members, we emphasize gentleness and transparency. We don’t rush through evaluations. We’re not short or terse. We encourage questions. We take the time to understand where patients are coming from and what they’re going through, so we can offer the kindness, compassion, and expertise that we believe everyone deserves.

It’s a balance of the three that sets us above. Without kindness and compassion, we’re just another cold medical team working through cases. Without expertise, we’re just friends. Many can treat a vision problem. Few can treat it compassionately, instilling confidence and hope in the journey to come.

We are grateful that even throughout a year like 2020, we have the opportunity to treat patients with compassion and put our mission statement into practice.

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