Why Friday is the Best Day for #LASIK

One of the most-anticipated days of the week here at Parkhurst NuVision is LASIK Day. Truth is, there is no best day for LASIK (any day is good!). But, we chose Fridays because it is generally a convenient day for our patients to have their laser vision correction surgery. They can take the day off, make it a long, relaxing weekend and start the next week off with the expectation that they will have great vision as a result.

Naturally, there’s an excitement to the day. We are happy you’re taking the step to improve your vision and share in your excitement. And, you, along with your friends and family, are excited for this next step in your vision journey. And on LASIK Day, we are all working together, doing what we love to do for our patients.

For a patient who’s made that choice, here’s what it’s like:

  • First, our patients’ comfort is priority number one. Each patient is given their own private room – with their own choice of music – where they and their companions can be comfortable and relaxed while they wait.
  • We do one last brief exam to re-check final numbers and make sure there haven’t been any significant changes to their eyes. We talk and answer any additional questions our patients may have. Final preps are made such as a mild sedative and the initial numbing drops.
  • Once the patient goes for their procedure, someone on our team sits with the friend or family member while they watch the procedure. Our staff explains exactly what is going on during the entire procedure so friends and family are fully informed. Sometimes family members take pictures, post photos to Snapchat or go LIVE on Facebook so the patient’s friends can support them all along the way.
  • Throughout the procedure, Dr. Parkhurst talks through every step so patients know what is going on at all times. The procedure will only take a few minutes.
  • Afterwards, the patient goes back to the room, followed by their family and friends. Medicine is given to the patient to take for the first three hours after the procedure, to help manage any discomfort. Then we want patients to go home and sleep. It is without a doubt the best thing.
  • Patients come back later in the day for a quick check and to celebrate already improving vision. Then patients are sent back home to rest and enjoy the long weekend at home to recover. Patients can go back to work and most of their regular routine the following Monday.  

After working in partnership with our patients to help them research and determine that LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure is right for them, we think LASIK day is truly the best day of the week. If you are ready to move beyond glasses and contacts for your vision correction, having a thorough evaluation of your eyes and vision is the next step to see if LASIK or other vision correction procedure might be a great option for you. If you have any questions, we are here to provide answers. Schedule an appointment here