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Keeping Your Vision Safe During a Natural Disaster

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The impact and aftermath of our country’s natural disasters serves as an important reminder to all about the importance of preparing for a natural disaster. Earthquakes, storms and fires can take us by surprise, leaving little time to respond safely and effectively. Planning and preparation is essential. For those who have vision correction needs, extra care is needed to ensure the safety of their eyes and vision during and after a natural disaster.

When faced with the forces of nature – in particular flooding and contaminated waters – people who rely on contact lenses to see well face a unique set of circumstances to protect their eyesight: they must have access to clean water to keep their eyes safe from infection.

The recent severe hurricanes are a stern warning to us all to be prepared. As eye care professionals, we offer the following recommendations for preparing for and protecting your eyes and vision in the event of a natural disaster.

What to Pack in an Emergency Vision Care Kit 

Other Tips for Managing Vision Needs in an Emergency

These recommendations are intended to help increase understanding of what people need to do before, during and after a natural disaster with respect to the health of their eyes and vision. If you need vision correction to see well, taking the extra precaution to ensure you have the vision you need to keep you safe in an emergency is important.   

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