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Himalayan Cataract Project and Parkhurst NuVision

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Himalayan Cataract Project Patients with Parkhurst NuVision Himalayan Patient with Parkhurst NuVision Charity Parkhurst NuVision giving woman her vision

Parkhurst Nuvision partnered with the Himalayan Cataract Project to help cure blindness. For every surgery that we do, we donate one in an underserved country. We love hearing personal stories about how this mission is working!

Halo is the only caregiver for her seven children – all of whom are under the age of sixteen – after her husband passed away five years ago. After losing her vision in both eyes three years ago, Halo had to leave her job as a farmer. She told us that life was difficult after her husband passed away, that everything became dark once she became blind, and that there was no hope for the future because she was the one who worked and fed the kids and was now unable to do so. Her father-in-law is now working to support Halo and her family.

After hearing about a free HCP-supported surgical outreach at Bisidimo Hospital, Halo and her fifteen-year-old son Temam have traveled to seek help. Temam left school after the third grade to help his family due to his mother’s blindness. 

At the outreach, Halo received surgery to remove her bi-lateral cataracts, restoring her sight. When she first saw again after her bandages were removed, Halo exclaimed with a joyful expression, “Thank you to all the HCP team members who supported us. I can now do anything to bring back my family’s happiness.”

We wish Halo and her family the best for a bright, clear future!

Halo’s story and photos courtesy of HCP Cureblindness.

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