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Why Modern LASIK is the Obvious Choice for the iGeneration

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women typing on laptopThe iGeneration, also known as Gen Z, refers to the post-millennial generation, but there has been considerable dispute among demographers about its definition. But just recently,Pew Research Center defined members of Gen Z as anyone who was born after 1997 . In other words, Gen Z is the first age group to be born entirely within the age of the internet, and is also the first to enter adolescence with a smartphone in their hands.

Because the iGeneration was born into a world already overrun with digital technology, it seems obvious that for those with eyesight problems, modern LASIK is the ultimate choice for corrective eye surgery. Patients often describe it as a quick, painless, life-changing procedure. But if you’re a member of Gen Z who’s still apprehensive about getting it done, we have explained below the reasons why modern LASIK is the best choice for your generation.


Compared to millennials who remember playing Solitaire and 3D Pinball Space Cadet, coming home to dial-up internet, and using AOL, your generation has always had the convenience of high-speed internet since childhood. And as such, your generation is usually defined by technology and media consumption as you are the most technologically immersed bunch. This shows how your age group lives a fast and on-demand digital lifestyle, from socializing and mobile banking to researching and everyday work. With convenient services and applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, it seems silly for anyone to live day by day behind antiquated glasses and contact lenses when modern LASIK technology can fix bad vision in a matter of minutes. LASIK provides the convenience of quick results and quick recovery. And with more and more Gen Z individuals like Kylie Jenner getting LASIK surgery, it’s a no-brainer that modern LASIK technology helps improve people’s lives.


After being bogged down by student loans and credit card debts, it makes sense to want to opt for cost-friendly options that are worth it in the long run. The benefits of this one-time payment for LASIK vision correction far outweigh the cost and disadvantages of decades’ worth of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and miscellaneous items such as eye solutions, which could rack up to many times the cost of a LASIK over a 30 to 40-year period.

Think of it this way: would you rather spend tens of thousands of dollars maintaining bad vision for the next 40 years, or get LASIK once – at a fraction of the cost – and be done with the monthly and yearly costs associated with glasses and contacts? To see the potential savings for yourself, try our LASIK Savings Calculator.


Your age group is now considered the most health-conscious generation, and rightly so. But because of constant digital activity via smartphones and tablets, almost all members of Gen Z are candidates for having computer vision syndrome.

Your growing immersion as a generation doesn’t stop at just personal use of mobile phones and tablets at home, as it stretches to the workplace, too. Maryville University points out a number of roles and fields that the iGeneration is poised to take, such as information security analysts and software developers. With median salaries of $95,510 and $104,650 respectively, it comes as no surprise that a lot of people from your age bracket decide to head down this technology-centric path.

That said, pursuing these degrees and career paths will come with risks for eye health and can cause visual problems in the long run. To counter this, modern LASIK surgery efficiently deals with vision conditions that can worsen eye strain when looking at any digital screen, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.


As a generation, you take a holistic view of health, and as such, see exercise as an important part of your lifestyle. Being a health-aware generation means being a more active age group interested in the different fitness activities to remain healthy.

And all the latest fitness trends, from Virtual Reality workouts to paddleboard yoga, seem to point to LASIK being the best option, as expounded in our article on Taking on Today’s Latest Fitness Trends with Better Vision.

LASIK gives the physically active members of your generation the freedom and full capabilities to enjoy any kind of fitness activity without having to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses.


Some consider our environment to be in dire circumstances. Whether you agree or not, one thing is clear – your generation is all about being more environmentally conscious. From small actions such as not using plastic straws, to even sailing for days instead of taking flights.

In line with this, LASIK is more environmentally-friendly compared to glasses or contacts, as the procedure doesn’t use microplastics as contact lenses do. Indeed, Country Living notes that plastic contact lenses contribute to the world’s single-use plastic problem, which isn’t great for a generation that is focused on saving Mother Earth.


In sum, you and the rest of the iGeneration with eyesight problems can make the most out of your fast and digital lifestyle by fully utilizing your vision for now and the future through modern LASIK technology. Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, Healio reports that LASIK is the safest and most successful elective procedure in the world that can help anyone save money in the long run, since it’s a one-time cost procedure that is expected to have permanent results.

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Specially written for By: Arianna Adeline

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