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What is LASIK Eye Surgery? 

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What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis) Eye Surgery, sometimes called refractive surgery or laser eye surgery, is a quick and extremely efficient procedure to help people see their best without the barriers created by poor vision and prosthetic eye wear. Laser eye surgery procedures, such as LASIK surgery, have become some of the largest surgical operations in the United States.  


What is LASIK Eye Surgery used for?

Myopia (nearsightedness) happens if a person’s eyes get too long, relative to their corneal curvature. The light that enters the eye is focused onto the retina and creates blurred images and blurry vision. Hyperopia occurs if your eyes are too short in relation to your corneal curvature. Distant objects have higher visual clarity with hyperopia than nearby objects. Astigmatism occurs if a cornea, or front part of the eye, are formed like football. Multiple focal points distort vision when presenting astigmatism. Many patients choose to correct nearsightedness through an elective procedure such as LASIK eye surgery. Our The refractive procedures offered by our board-certified ophthalmologists are designed to allow patients to enjoy excellent outcomes without contact lenses and constantly wearing glasses. 


What is the procedure for LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK Eye Surgery is done by an ophthalmologist that specializes in refractive surgery. In getting ready for your LASIK Eye Surgery, the team helps to make you feel comfortable by providing you sedative, or ‘happy medication’. This medication helps to relax you so that you feel sleepy enough to go home and take a great nap afterwards. Prior to the LASIK procedure, numbing drops are applied to the front part of your eye so that you don’t have to worry about feeling pain during the procedure. Think of these drops as anesthesia for the eyes. The LASIK suite can get a little cold, so you’ll want to dress accordingly. Your ophthalmologist and eye care team will make sure that you are comfortable by providing a warm weighted blanket and good music. The laser then flashes a fixation light for you to focus on through the duration of the procedure. In addition, your cornea receives cooled laser pulses controlled by a computer. Our laser helps track your eye 800 times per second! This allows the machine to rock and roll with your eye and any subtle movements that may occur. If you happen to look away from the fixation light, the laser will pause and only begin again when you are fixated on the blinking light. After the laser eye surgery is complete, you can sit up and high five your surgeon!

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What is the best age to get Laser Eye Surgery?

The most advantageous age to get laser vision correction is as early as possible (when your vision stops changing & doctor recommends it). The FDA has approved LASIK eye surgery for patients aged 18 and over. It can help reduce the need to wear glasses and lenses and eliminates the need for glasses or contacts long term. The earlier you get LASIK eye surgery, the more you won’t have to worry about the constant upkeep and routine associated with glasses and contacts. 


What is the Average Cost of Vision Correction Like LASIK?

When comparing the cost of clear natural vision vs. wearing contacts or glasses, it is important to look at the amount of money you will save in the long term. Clear vision created by LASIK eye surgery in San Antonio can help you save between $5,000-$10,000. When looking for a refractive surgeon to perform LASIK eye surgery in San Antonio, make sure to read their google reviews and patient stories. This will help you make an informed decision and begin your journey towards improved vision. Your eyes are important! Make sure to not compromise quality eye surgery for a cheaper price, you may end up paying more in the long run.

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If you are struggling with your contacts and glasses, contact our office at (210) 864-7906 or by submitting your info here! We’d love the opportunity to discuss LASIK Eye Surgery with you!


Be sure to talk to one of our doctors about not only the benefits of LASIK, but also any risks of LASIK that may pertain to your individual needs and circumstances.

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