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Family Life Is Better With LASIK: One patient’s story

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After sixteen years of wearing glasses and contacts, Shelby Nuernberg made the decision to have LASIK Eye Surgery! When she thought about how much money she was spending on glasses and contacts and how vision correction would be a one time cost that was permanent, it was a no brainer! 

A happy family who chose LASIK

Struggle with Glasses and Contacts

“I always struggled with contacts, they were always too dry or too painful to wear. I finally found a brand that worked *fairly* well for me, but they cost me an arm and a leg even after insurance. Dealing with my vision was always frustrating, but I started to become more frustrated when my daughter (who has her dad’s eyes) would excitedly try to point something out to me, and even with glasses, I couldn’t see what she could. I really started to feel like I was missing out on those moments with her.”

Her decision to have LASIK was based on living her life with her family to its fullest and the overall savings that she will have without the need to constantly pay for new glasses, contacts and solutions. 

“It has been absolutely life changing so far. I only wish I had done it sooner. I had to fight back tears when 18 hours after my surgery the doctor tested my vision and told me I had 20/15 in one eye and 20/20 in the other. I wake up and can see. I can see without my glasses fogging up, or falling down. I can see without my contacts getting blurry or dry. I can see things that have never even occurred to me that most people can see.”

LASIK eye equipment

Choosing Her Surgeon

She was careful when choosing her surgeon, “ I was always leery of lasik, with most offices offering coupons and discounts, it seemed like a risky endeavor. From the very first visit I trusted these people. Every person we dealt with from the office staff to the surgeons made me feel completely at ease. I am forever grateful to the doctors and surgeons at Parkhurst Nuvision who worked to make me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire process. They truly went above and beyond”.

We are so excited for Shelby and her NuVision! If you would like to see if you are a candidate for LASIK or any of our other vision correction procedures, please give us a call at 210-585-2020.

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