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A Joyous LASIK Procedure

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Each day we are honored to hear patient stories that captivate our team and shed light on how vision correction has helped them see the world again to make memories with the ones they love.

Joy has a story that does just that, it motivated our team to share with you all!

Joy's LASIK story

“I’ve been wearing glasses since elementary school, and I began wearing contacts in high school.

Through college I wore contacts nearly every day – I was too active to wear glasses. I loved soccer and I was training to be a figure skater. And with my astigmatism, my vision was better with contacts anyway. With my health insurance, and the type of contacts I needed, I was spending $800 a year just to be able to see – an expense that I knew would not be sustainable long-term. I also struggled with eye fatigue from long days of wear.

Joy before astigmatism operation

But I remember the straw on the camel’s back that pushed me towards this decision. As a journalist, my vision is vital to my career. One day in college I was anchoring for UIWtv, our student-run television news station. What I didn’t realize as I was running out the door – I had accidentally switched my contacts – so my right contact was in my left eye, and vice versa. I didn’t notice the difference until I was in studio and I looked up at the teleprompter – and the words began to swim. There was no time to switch them out. I tried to squash that feeling of panic, reminding myself that I had written all of my own scripts, and I could easily tell the stories from memory. Then, our sports anchor called in – and I was informed that I would be anchoring her segment as well – a script I had never read before. I made it through, squinting at the screen through the entire segment and stumbling over my words – and that’s when I knew I needed to make a change as soon as I could. These types of issues would not cut it in my career.

The team at Parkhurst Nuvision made this decision even easier. Every person I spoke to was incredibly kind, and put me right at ease. The procedure itself took less than 5 minutes, and I never felt a thing! My family was able to be right by my side the entire time. My mother told me that my surgeon, Dr. Nasser, even gave her a thumbs up after each step to let her know that all was going well, and make her feel more comfortable. The team even surprised me with a congratulations sign after it was done (a sign that I could already see!). All in all, it was an experience I would definitely recommend.

Since receiving my LASIK surgery, my vision has never been better. I can just see! Every night I say “Oh I need to take my contacts out – oh wait… no I don’t!” Every morning I wake up and I’m able to see my husband’s face next to me. Aside from a few days of mild discomfort right after my surgery, my eyes feel much better too! The fatigue and strain that I experienced regularly has faded away. Every day I feel blessed that I was able to get this procedure, and thankful to the team at Parkhurst Nuvision who made it possible.” – Joy

Joy after astigmatism surgery

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