Taking on Today’s Latest Fitness Trends with Better Vision

The latest fitness trends for 2018 are guaranteed to get you moving, and San Antonio has them all. Whether you’re into yoga, boxing, body weight training, paddle boarding or interval training, here are a few of the workouts you can try right here in our city. And while exercise is good for your health, you… Read More

You Should Know the Guidelines for Becoming a LASIK Candidate

If you’ve been considering moving beyond glasses and contacts to help you see well, a laser vision correction procedure like LASIK has probably been on your mind.  So far, more than 19 million people here in the U.S. have chosen LASIK for their vision correction needs. LASIK is very popular, but not everyone is a candidate for… Read More

Learn About the Science Supporting LASIK Safety

When considering a medical procedure – particularly an elective one like laser vision correction – it is completely natural to wonder if the procedure is safe. For the millions of people who struggle with needing to rely on glasses or contact lenses to see well, LASIK’s safety profile is a topic of interest. This article from… Read More