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Your Quiz Results

Good news! It looks like you may qualify for vision correction. And at your age, it’s the perfect time to do it.

Here’s the deal: The younger you are when you have the procedure, the longer you can reap the rewards. Think about someone who has LASIK when they’re 35. If they had it at 30… or 25… or even 20… that’s an extra 10-15 years of good vision, *and* not wasting money for glasses and contacts.

So for anyone under 30 who is eligible for the treatment, it really is a no-brainer. From a quality of life standpoint, and a financial one.

Based on your answers, we have a few different treatments that may be ideal for you:

>>>Modern LASIK
>>>The SMILE procedure
>>>EVO ICL Permanent Contact Lens Treatment

“But how do I choose?” Actually, you don’t. Here’s how it works:

You come see us for your C.L.E.A.R. Vision Consultation. We do a number of advanced scans to look at your eyes, front to back. Then your doctor will prescribe the procedure best suited for your unique eye anatomy, hobbies and goals.

One of our team members will reach out to you shortly to answer any questions you may have and get you scheduled. You can also skip to the front of the line by calling (210) 796-3765. On a smartphone? Just tap the button below. Talk soon!

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“What happens at my C.L.E.A.R Vision Consultation with the NuVision Team?”

At NuVision, we do things differently.

You may know that we offer all 7 FDA-approved forms of Modern LASIK, and our surgeons have performed tens of thousands of successful treatments. But you may not know we have a specific, refined process to help you achieve the vision results you desire in a safe, effective manner.

At NuVision, your care involves an entire team of eye care professionals, under the guidance of world-renowned, board-certified eye surgeons. Your journey starts with your C.L.E.A.R. Consultation. Let’s take a minute and review what you can expect when you come to visit NuVision for the first time.

C – Consultation – The process starts with an in-depth analysis where we do a number of advanced scans to look at your entire eye, front to back. Don’t worry, they’re actually quite comfortable. And you know that “eye puff” machine that no one likes? Yeah, we don’t use that.

L – Lifestyle – We need to learn about what you love to do. What do you do for a living? For fun? What are your hobbies and passions? This is important because we actually design your treatment around your eye anatomy and your lifestyle.

E – Educate & Empower – You should be empowered with the knowledge to make the right decision for your eyes. This means educating you on your eye health, what you can expect from your vision now and in the future, and what you can reasonably expect from one of our advanced vision correction treatments.

A – Ask the Expert – At this point, you will sit down with one of our eye doctors to go over the results of your scans and get answers to all your questions.

R – Recommendation – Your doctor can then make the ideal recommendation on your next steps, and you will have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your vision.

Why do we do all this?

Over the last decade, serving tens of thousands of patients, we’ve made it a point to continuously evolve our patient care experience. The 5-step C.L.E.A.R. Consultation process is designed to give you the best possible experience, to be respectful of your time, and to ultimately help you get the vision results you want.

Contact us by completing the appointment request form, or simply call (210) 796-3765.

About the NuVision Team

The surgeons at NuVision in San Antonio are recognized internationally as experts and leaders in Modern LASIK eye surgeries.

Our team has performed tens of thousands of successful LASIK and cataract surgeries for military pilots and snipers, professional athletes, musicians, and even their own family members.

Our doctors perform a number of advanced procedures designed to help people enjoy clear, crisp vision without being dependent on glasses and contact lenses, including:

  • Modern Lasik
  • Implantable Contact Lenses
  • Procedures to restore reading vision after 40
  • Laser Cataract Surgery

Parkhurst NuVision has been named a “Top 3 Places to Work in San Antonio” for multiple years, alongside HEB and USAA. It is the only practice in Texas to specialize in Modern LASIK and all 7 of its variations to create customized solutions for people who visit Parkhurst NuVision from around the world.

PNV team photo

“I don’t think I’m a candidate…”

NuVision is the only vision correction center in the area to feature all 7 FDA-approved vision correction options, even for people who aren’t candidates for LASIK. Come talk with our experts and find out which procedure fits your eyes best. Our procedures work for:

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