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On the Fence About LASIK?

First, we’d just like to congratulate you on taking the first step towards life-changing vision improvement by learning more about LASIK! Already trusted to correct the vision of millions of patients every year, LASIK technology has developed to make an already safe and effective procedure even more reliable!

At Parkhurst NuVision, we offer a wide range of vision correction options to meet our guests’ needs, and LASIK is definitely one of our most popular, but one of the main questions involved in the decision at-hand is this: Is LASIK a better option than continuing to rely on corrective eyewear for clear vision? For most people, the answer is yes!

On the surface, glasses and contacts might seem like the easier, cheaper options. The truth is, LASIK is usually far, far less expensive after just a few years — and you can’t put a price tag on a life of clear vision!

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses: Understanding the Risks

Contact lenses meet a lot of needs for a lot of people, whether they find contacts more comfortable, or prefer a glasses-free look. However, they also come with some unique risks over other vision correction options. Wearing contacts can increase the likelihood of:

  • Sustaining injuries to the eye while inserting or removing contact lenses
  • Scratching the cornea with contacts that aren’t a perfect fit
  • Transmitting germs and bacteria to the eye with unclean fingers or lenses

LASIK reduces your reliance on corrective eyewear — and the risks that come with contacts!

Your Lifetime Savings with LASIK

With an initial investment, LASIK represents saving on a lifetime of eyewear expenses.

A new pair of glasses costs, on average, around $400 a pair for frames and lenses. Many eye doctors also recommend keeping a spare, and you may want different different pairs for different occasions. You’ll probably want prescription sunglasses, too — and when you factor in replacing these glasses as your prescription changes, you’re likely going to spend thousands of dollars over just a couple of years.

Contact lenses are just as expensive over time. Whether they’re daily disposables or extended wear, they’ll cost about the same as glasses for a year’s supply. It’s likely you’re spending hundreds of dollars a year on lenses without factoring lens cases and cleaning solution.

LASIK all but eliminates these costs. We actually have a calculator that estimates how much money LASIK could save you over the years — click below to find out!

LASIK Safety

LASIK today is safer than ever — after over two decades of success in the United States, around 99% of LASIK patients achieve 20/40 vision, and over 90% of LASIK patients achieve better than 20/40 vision, even up to 20/20.

From your first moments at Parkhurst NuVision, we’ll make you feel like a valued guest by emphasizing your safety and comfort. We’ll give you a tour of our LASIK suite, introduce you to the technology, and walk you through the entire experience.

Our eye surgeons use the latest LASIK technology. With an advanced, all-laser LASIK system, we can shorten your recovery time, reduce your risk of side effects, and provide lasting vision correction.

The Choice is Crystal Clear: Choose LASIK, Ditch Your Glasses & Contacts

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